Bournemouth Piano Removals

Piano moving requires more experience than muscle, the right tools for the job and a love of pianos helps.

Experienced Piano movers

In my early days I used to buy and sell pianos, so I have moved thousands in my time.

Whether its an overstrung under damped German iron frame or a simple straight strung wooden frame we have the men to move it efficiently and with care.

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Piano removals what you should know.

With the average cost of moving a Piano around £100 make sure the piano is worth the cost of removal.

If you are buying it for the aesthetic value and no on is going to play it, then the cost is unimportant but if you want to learn or play then please make sure you do your home work.

A great web site with loads of useful information and advice isDavid Boyce

Overstrung iron framed

Iron framed so no cracking or movement. Will hold tuning better and is worth paying to have it moved. Quality piano when built. You can tell an overstrung as the wires are diagonal

Wooden frame straight strung

Problems holding tuning for any length of time especially the older they get and were originally a budget piano. Probably not worth paying to have it moved. Wires perpendicular.


Wooden framed tuning

Wooden framed pianos are prone to cracking. A lot of times you cannot see the cracks and these will not tune or if they do they will not keep in tune.