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BH Express removals Bournemouth move everyday and the stressed out clients are the ones who haven’t planned. Follow a few simple tricks and make your move a lot smoother.

  1. Don’t leave it until the last minute, leave plenty of time.
  2. Leave a minimum amount of items in each room. Ornaments and knick knacks are the first things to pack, you don’t need them until you move.
  3. Pack room by room don’t dive in, start with bedrooms, oh, and girls, CLOTHES, SHOES and HANDBAGS…Pack most of it in plenty of time… you can only wear one dress at a time and you only have one pair of legs…
  4. Label all boxes with as much info as possible (its amazing what you can forget in a short time and you may need to get the odd thing back out before you move

Above all DON’T PANIC


First golden rule. Plan ahead and don’t panic, BH Express removals of Bournemouth have never and I mean never left anyone in a mess or not got the job done, we are not there to simply move you whether you have hired a man and van or a large furniture van we will get your items from A to B with a friendly, helpful and can do attitude and all with a smile free of charge.


Bournemouth removals kitchen


If you box up and label well you can always get out anything you need in an emergency but you can save hours by boxing up the stuff you dont use on a daily basis.

  1. ELECTRICAL GADGETS, Everybody has a load of electrical items you hardly ever use, if at all anymore, breville sandwich maker, food mixers when you’ve seen a bake off special and thought “Ill bake a cake” and realise it costs £30 to make the damm thing and £2 to buy one, that coffee maker that has scaled up and takes up half the work surface and tastes nothing like a Costa,…PACK THEM NOW.
  2. CROCKERY, 4 people living in the house and you have 10 plates of every size and shape and 20 mugs, 15 tea spoons knives and forks, enough glasses to open a small bar and gadgets to peel anything from an apple to a human. Pack them leave the minimum
  3. FOOD..A great time to throw away the mango lemon and banana chutney your aunt Bess made in 1992, or the tins of oily fish for that healthy eating craze in 2001 and not forgetting the Chinese and Indian fads you went on and bought stuff you no longer know what to do with or even what it is. Throw it all out.
  4. FREEZER, now this is the scary bit, I have moved people and they unpack the freezer when I get there! Stress and mess and a lot of out of date stuff. Have a cook the silver foiled surprise parcels you think are chicken and see what you get. The nicest curry you ever made in 2002 and thought you would freeze and eat a week later…its 15 years later and its still there. Most fridge freezers need to be left standing after being moved for 24 hours so you don’t want a load of frozen fish going off.

liv room

Bournemouth removals, lounge


You do still tend to use this room and the items in it the most so be a little conservative here, if you pack the remote too early there could be a riot…

  1. BOOKS, Pack away or throw away the books and mags you are not using now or….buy a Kindle!
  2. ORNAMENTS/PICTURES, personal choice but about a week before I would take all pictures down and all ornaments and pack them, it does make the room a little bland so personal choice.
  3. Everything else in the living room leave until the day or night before. Dont stress yourself out by not having a tv to watch or a pc to use.
  4. Any standing lamps, side lamps with glass bowels/shades please remove the glass or wrap very well and avoid trying to pack them with all shades attached, for obvious reasons.


Ladies, please pack away the 2000 bottles of nail varnish, 20 different hair applications, dozens of facial creams, and as much liquid or bottled “stuff” you girls have upright so they don’t fall out and get trodden through my van or your new home. Smells nice but makes a mess of your carpet.

  1. Any liquids pack tight and upright
  2. Please dont pack boxes so heavy you cant lift them or the bottom falls out when you do.
  3. Tape and reinforce heavy boxes, very tiring repacking a box that has broke open onto the road and having chase a toilet roll and numerous lipsticks down a steep incline.
  4. BIN BAGS… Please try and pack sensibly or use strong ones, these ones at the pound shop, 25,000 for a quid! they are useless for anything more than the lightest clothing. please spend a little more.

 We offer a very reasonable packing service and it doesn’t take as long as you think to pack. Our packers do not analyse every item with comments like “remember when aunty Doris bought us that” or “Arrrgh the kids bought us that from holiday” or “do you think we should keep that?” I have done it and remember spending more time discussing the items to be packed than packing the dammed stuff away. Our guys will NOT be reminiscing about the items they pack, so it gets done much quicker.

Packing services start from £60 Take a look at our packing services.

Flat packed items

Beds, wardrobes, drawers, bookshelves, cots, garden sheds, tables, swings etc.

Be aware and make sure that any flatpack items you erected in the bedroom, garden etc will fit downstairs, through doors and into your new home.. a lot of people forget they bought the three door wardrobe from Ikea that came in a box and erected it in the bedroom and on moving day are amazed it doesn’t fit down the stairs.

IMPORTANT: 90% of flat packed furniture is NOT designed to be moved, it is designed to be put up in the room and thats it. Even if it fits down the stairs any large flat packed furniture will probably not be sturdy enough to be moved without it flexing, or even collapsing, especially bookshelves and very large Ikea drawers and units.

Packing up the garden.

Anything that has been in the garden for months and needs dismantling will not be as easy to take down as it was to put up straight from the box. So please give yourself plenty of time to dismantle swings, trampolines, football nets, slides etc. The nuts, bolts and screws will probably all need a good dose of wd40. I have seen 1000s of ££s worth of such items left or smashed or even cut up with hacksaws (in sheer frustration) to get them out the back garden on the day of the move. Kids crying parents arguing argos rubbing its hands together for your replacement purchases. Attack them all when its dry and in plenty of time.

The garden parasol and garden chairs are commonly full of water and dirty black smelly water comes out of the tubing so please upend and drain it off days before the move.

Moving Plants.

Plants do not stack they can take up as much room as most of your household furniture, 10 potted medium sized plants will take the same room as two double wardrobes, we can’t stack anything on top, so it is as important to tell us how many plants are to be moved as anything else. On the day of the move is too late and we may not have a large enough van to fit in the plants, oh and please do not water plants a day or two before the move,for obvious reasons.

Packing boxes.

Try to pack all boxes so the lids shut, anything protruding upwards will not stack, if anything is breakable please label as Fragile. If you can’t pick it up…its too heavy :-)

Labelling boxes.

The best way is BED 1,2,3 etc and LIV, DIN, KIT on TOP of the box please don’t label on the side, If you have second hand boxes please cross out any other labelling from previous move.

Very important.

Imagine the scene, its moving day and you have 40-50 boxes and three removal guys all with smiles on their faces, your all loaded up and the stress level has dropped from a wide eyed ring 999 state to a mild zombie like stare. Your just coping and you haven’t packed away the kettle, so the removal guys are happy although the hobnobs are nowhere to be seen, anyway its all going well. Then we reach the other end and you drop to a bottle and a half of wine state and it can only get better from here. The house looks bigger than it did, its spotless and alls well with the world. Then we start to unload the boxes. Bang! back to zombie state and quickly followed by the wide eyed crazy look as we ask you the same question for every box “which room do you want this in”. Now this is a simple enough question once, twice or even three or four times but 40-50 times and you will start frothing at the mouth, your eyes go blood shot and we know from experience its time to put everything in the kitchen and run.

Amazingly this happens (not the frothing or blood shot eyes) but people do forget to label CLEARLY what room the boxes go in, because they packed it they know what room it goes in but, dvds or books could go in any room, so please label all boxes to corresponding rooms. It keeps you in a bottle and half of wine state and saves lots of time.

Garage/Shed/Man cave

Girls….You have all the wardrobe space, all the shelves in the bathroom, all the drawers (except our sacred man drawer) and even decide on what pictures go on the wall and when you decide to declutter, (you have to stay strong here lads and put your foot down)…you always start with the garage and our stuff! Mainly because in the house we only have two pairs of shoes and a suitcase of clothes…

Girls…be kind and let him think he’s making the decision on what to throw away. I meet sobbing pathetic drooling men quivering and mumbling words along the line of “but i do play golf” and i do use those tools and I will need that piece of wood, I can play the guitar and I went windsurfing in 2007….their whole existence binned in the time it takes to make a Breville cheese and baked bean toasty. but lads please….pack it up properly, tie up all the garden hoes and rakes and shovels, those boxes of screws (that WILL come in handy) please tape them securely.


Why choose us?

  • We are Bournemouth based and being local we are more flexible to those last minute changes that can and often do occur.
  • Our aim is to make your move as stress free as possible, it is not just about the move it is also about the advice and support we offer beforehand to make the move, if not enjoyable, then at least a relaxing one..
  • We have a great team with a can do attitude and always with a smile.
  • We have  hundreds of happy satisfied customers, take a look at our testimonial page and our free free guide to moving page with lots of helpful moving tips.
  • We can also offer a full packing service  to include boxes, wardrobe boxes, tape and packing materials as required.
  • Your quote is fully inclusive, no extras, no VAT, no mileage charges, what we quote is what we charge. There are no hidden extras on the day!